Sandy Hook Yacht Club Estates

Sandy Hook Yacht Club Estates is a thriving private seaside community situated on the shores of Cultus Bay at the southern tip of Whidbey Island. Hundreds of families, boaters and property owners call Sandy Hook home. A key feature of Sandy Hook is its marina, providing permanent moorage and year-round access to Puget Sound. While it is a boat-centric community, many others choose to live here for the strong sense of neighborhood, for the parks, the heated swimming pool, the beaches and the views.

Started by developers in the early ‘60s, Sandy Hook Yacht Club Estates abides by the covenants and bylaws set down in its articles of incorporation. Keeping Sandy Hook prosperous and solvent is the main responsibility of its Board of Trustees, a group of duly elected volunteer community members.

Volunteerism is at the core of what makes Sandy Hook great – from board membership to beautification projects for our parks, cabana and tennis courts, to maintaining our swimming pool and putting together our famous annual Fun Day, it’s our community volunteers that make it all happen.


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